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Step one

Schedule an Initial


Initial Consultations set the stage for the rest of your training journey. See description below for exactly what Initial Consultations include​.   

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Step Two

Get moving on your training plan

We will help you decide the best plan for you and your pet. Weather it be  online, private in home, private in facility, doggy boot camp, or specialized Behavior counseling.  

Step three

start seeing results

With your customized training plan and ongoing support from your trainer, you’ll start seeing results.

And we’ll be here to support you at every step along the way

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Lets Get to know each other.

Initial Consultations are a required first step to setting you and your dog up for success. Consultations include:

  • Behavior evaluation

  • Discussion of how dogs learn, training methods and behavior modification

  • Customized training plan for your dog

  • Access to customized training materials

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Behavior training frequently addresses the following:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Reactivity to dogs or people (aggression)

  • Resource guarding

  • Fear and anxiety surrounding thunderstorms, loud noises, etc.

  • Handling issues, such as during grooming or vet visits

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Dog Training

In home, online, in facility

Private Training sessions are our most popular service, and are designed to teach you how to train your dog. Private Training sessions are also a great choice for puppy training and obedience training for dogs of all breeds and ages.

After the initial behavior consultation, our private training sessions can be purchased at a discounted rate as part of a monthly package, or you may purchase them individually.

Some of the common training goals:

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Doggie Boot Camp

Professional Puppy/Adult dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement. Our Board & Train service ( Doggy Boot Camp) is a fantastic way to give 2-to-5-month-old puppies a head start on training or rambunctious dogs the manners they need.  During your dog’s stay at our trainer’s home/facility, focus will be placed on proper socialization in addition to the development of basic dog obedience behaviors and other important life skills. 

Emphasis is placed on:

Proper socialization 

Encouraging polite manners 

Teaching basic obedience cues 

Continued house training  

Important life skills that will help shape your puppy/dog into a happy, well-behaved companion. 




If you are interested in having fun with your athletic dog, join ClickerPets Mexico for Dog Agility Classes.  We offer basic to advanced classes. Whether you just want to run and have fun or train for competition level, we have what you are looking for.

Agility Dog training at its very best.   

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